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Strategic Planning Survey

We have recently started a strategic planning process for the Association with the goal of developing a strategic plan for the next three years. Part of this process includes a survey to gather information from foster care stakeholders.

We are looking for feedback from foster parents, CSSD staff, and community partners. Generally, we want to know if people are satisfied with the work we are doing, are there other things we should be doing, are there things we are doing that are not helpful, etc.

We are working with a consultant, Peggy Matchim, through this process and she will be the person compling the information that is provided in the survey. Staff or Board Members of the Association will not have access to the surveys but Peggy will be compiling a summary of the information received and this will help with developing our strategic plan. 

The link below will bring you to a short anonymous survey that we are really hoping you will take the time to complete.

Thank you!